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CdR: Rose Boy by kishi-san CdR: Rose Boy by kishi-san
Fullsize image here: [link]
Twisted version here: [link]

"When the princess began to comb the Rose Maiden's hair, she found a cherry pip. Thinking her daughter had revealed her identity at school, she violently thrust the comb into her skull and killed her. She sealed the maiden inside an iron chest and locked it with an iron key."
- The Maiden with the Rose on her Forehead, Portuguese fairy tale

"In preparation for the upcoming masquerade, Kes dug up his books of fairy tales, and asked a literate member of the Cirque to read some to him. He was particularly interested in the one which featured a printed illustration of a peculiar girl with a rose in her hair.
The particular member reading it to him wanted to be more sensitive about the fate of the girl in this story, slowly progressing through the ending with Kes. The little griffin insisted on hearing the real ending, for a happily ever after wasn't exactly what he was looking for. It was a grim fate for her indeed. Killed by her mother, disfigured by her stepmother and stepsister… how cruel and unfair, Kes thought.
In the days that passed, other ball-goers were already discussing which character they would embody on the big night. Many had trouble deciding, but Kes had already made up his mind.
As some of the Cirque's makeup specialists were fixing up last minute touches to his outfit, Kes reached up and pulled at his now human ears. He could still wiggle them all he liked, but they were now unfamiliarly fleshy and a little more stretchy. The signature blonde streak he had in his hair was now brown, like the rest of his head. His purple eyes remained as bright as ever, though.
"Hold still Kes, if you keep doing that your pretty roses will all fall off…"
That immediately told his hand to stand down. He slapped it back into his lap, smiling at the person working on him and gave a big "Ok!". To which, looked rather odd, considering the makeup on his face made him look considerably more haunting than normal. Had his tail also been there too, he would've swished it as much as he could in delight. The person working on him just chuckled back. The Masquerade was in the coming hour and no one could wait any longer for the mysterious event to begin."


Oh my this took a little longer than I expected. ANYWAY IT'S OUT NOW
and if you bothered to read that terrible narrative good on you

As most of you probably picked up, Kes is missing his ears and tail. Because for the duration of the masquerade, I've decided Kes will be entirely human! That's right, no keen sight, no magic senses, no wings or whatever. To make it easier on myself to design a costume for him, I kinda had to get rid of his two tone hair and designed it based around Kes as a human. So in canon perhaps Kes requested Aceline (or another prominent Cirque magician) to charm him into a human form but rendered supernatural-less during the ball. Enjoy scaring plain ol' human Kes while you can!

Since the tale isn't very well known, there weren't many images of the Rose Maiden, the most prominent I came across was a large-eyed girl with bleeding eyes and a rose in her hair. Since the rose is quite important and significant to the character, for the outfit I treated it more as an out of control growth rather than something calm and beautiful.
There wasn't much dark twisting for me to do - the Maiden is literally a burned zombie by the end of it - so I incorporated the major story elements in the design. It's mostly the rose on the forehead + burn scars + blood for added fun? Was aiming for a look that would be sweet, but haunting at the same time.
His suit is based off this image I found: [link] + traditional Portuguese clothing. He's got a poncho hood thing based on the tale.

Enjoy! Loving everyone's stuff for this event so far :)

Time taken: 5h
Kes is (C) by me

PART OF :iconcirque-des-reves:
XxCatsPawxX Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Student General Artist
UWAAAH!! Kes is soooo adorable even with all the creepiness going on >u<

Wow you really did some research for this huh? xDD Gosh I love how you incorporated different bits of influence and information into the whole thing.I especially love the roses on his head and those burn scars.You really did well!:heart:

rolls off to finish mine already ;u;
kishi-san Featured By Owner May 22, 2013   Filmographer
thanks Shina!
yeah, the minute I read the story I had something like that in mind.

cant wait to see itttttt
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