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A former rant-journal turned news outlet collecting together whatever bits of the upcoming animated TV series 'Miraculous Ladybug' I find on the internet. I'm not terribly up to date all the time so you're better off using different platforms to find news... but I'll do my best!

Miraculous Ladybug is a joint production between Zagtoon (France), Toei (Japan) and Method Animation (Korea). It follows the adventures of magical hero Marinette Cheng and her alter ego Ladybug. Set in Paris, Marinette acquires earrings and a Kwami (magical companion) named Tikki that allows her to be a superhero. Along for the ride is Cat Noir, another magical hero - and Marinette has no idea he's actually her school crush, Adrien. Likewise, he doesn't know that the spotty superheroine he hangs out with at night is actually the ordinary girl from his class... They fight against Hawk Moth and his minions the Akuma, who turn regular people into supervillains.

DISCLAIMER: I'm absolutely sorry if any of the links down below fail to work or lack content! I do not go back to check their availability.


:new: Now that Ladybug is now an international hit, information is more readily available and I will no longer be updating this journal. Thank you everyone who did come by and take the time to read all the junk I've posted here!

If you need current Ladybug info, head over to:
Jeremy Zag's Instagram
Official Miraculous Website
Official Miraculous Facebook Page

For fan shenanigans:
Thomas Astruc's Twitter
Miraculeuse Coccinelle


February 26 2016

Hi guys!
For clarification about some recent news regarding episodes:

Thomas Astruc has said before that there will be origins episodes. However, he intended it to be as a two part season finale.
However, Korea will be airing it this weekend (Feb 29/March 1) instead. He (as well as much of the fandom!) has requested you keep the spoilers to yourself if you do end up watching the Korean dub.

That's about all. We're on episode 20 of 26 this week I believe, and I can't wAIT FOR THE REST OF IT


December 23 2015

HEY YALL!!! Been a while huh? How have the premieres been in all those languages?! WOW! I really hope you have all been enjoying it so far!

Jeremy Zag has confirmed via Instagram that Toei is currently working on a Ladybug OVA.
Miraculosity also has a video on the coverage too, but I'll be summarising it below as well.…

Yes. You heard right. We're getting some sweet 2D action! Astruc himself has said that the OVA will differ from the PV, and that Felix will not be making a return.

Regardless, I'm excited! Please keep supporting ML in whatever way you can!


September 1 2015

Someone IS uploading it to youtube, it's under its Korean title and lacks subs for now.
I'll have to ask you to look for it yourself, and/or wait till it airs where you are. Either way please support the show when it comes to your country!



August 27 2015


feat. our titular dorks + pigeon man's grand return and a few more cool kids to look out for

IN OTHER NEWS #miraculousweek has begun on tumblr! Get on it if you like! I probably will hehe
bE EXCITED GUYS :iconespurrintensifiesplz:


July 23 2015

So news has come in that Ladybug will be premiering in Korea on September 1!
And along with that, there's been a number of video posts with a bit of new footage.

--video removed--

MV for the Korean theme song by girl band FIESTAR

The premiere event vids can be found under this tag here: miraculeusecoccinelle.tumblr.c…

Have fun guys! It's gonna be pretty exciting.


July 16 2015

I've been in LA so I missed the new trailer!

Hope you're all enjoying it so far! Lovely to see everyone so happy about it--
My fanart happens to be in there! What about you? There's a lot of them in there and ahh, so happy Zagtoon appreciates us u//v//uc

One thing I'd like to say though, can we all take a step back and chill for a minute? It's not even out yet ;u; I want to enjoy Ladybug as much as the next person!
We'll see how it all goes down in September ;D


June 26 2015


Lovely to see the hype going around since the trailer! It's be really exciting to see everyone back on the Ladybug wagon again!

Also, welcome to all the newcomers to the fandom! I've had some comments from people who have just discovered it, glad this journal has been useful for you! And again, welcome welcome uvu

Now, for my actual update - I've had a few people asking me, "What about the 2D/anime version?"
There was a French article sometime last year describing an anime webseries, though no news of that has come up since.


Two posts have appeared on tumblr within the last day outlining the fate of the anime, so listen up!…

They are kind of lengthy, but in short - Thomas Astruc himself has been answering this very question on one of the trailer vids on youtube for the past week.
- Yes, the show will be in 3D
- Depending on the success of the 3D show, "there’s a good chance that Toei handle a full 2D show by themselves."
- Please support Ladybug when it comes to your country by watching it on TV
- Share and love the show
- Buy merch

So there you have it, about the anime! Like always, I encourage you all to support Ladybug by watching it on TV when it comes to your country!
There's various lists around about which channels they'll be airing on, so please have a search to find out, and wait for Ladybug!


June 18 2015


I'm sure this has been out for a few days now but thought I better get it on the record.


Get so hype. It looks lovely and oh man my man adRIEN UNF LET ME GO FAINT QUIETLY NOW...

Well now that this is definitely the trailer that we should have been privvy to seeing (as opposed to the 2D trailer in 2012) just get hype


April 18 2015


It's been a while. Lots of new things have popped up in the meantime and I haven't really been all too great with updating here.
As far as I understand, the English and French voice casts have been selected and the episodes are being recorded now! Still don't really know what language it's gonna be in originally (I'm still thinking French because it's gonna premiere in French) but they seem to be putting some emphasis on the English version (of course though, it's going international).
I don't have the cast list on me (frankly I actually didn't know anyone on that list ;; ) but with some google magic I'm sure you can find it!

In addition, there's been a few image releases as of late (YAY!!!!!)

... Most of which you can find via proper Ladybug social media outlets you may or may not know about by now!

Top hits include:
WinnyGZ on Twitter (some NSFW, from what I understand he's a storyboarder)
#miraculousladybug on Twitter (Winny has been using this as their tag, so have a lot of others so yeah! Good to track)
Jeremy Zag himself on Instagram (he's mostly been posting Ladybug with some other Zagtoon projects in between)

Because these are coming straight from Zag themselves they won't get taken down! (Winny may not be Jeremy but at current none of his stuff's been removed)

One more social media link: the ML facebook fanpage!…
It's mostly fanart posts with the occasional major update from above links but have some ML in your feed! Certainly makes my day... uvu

Another place I frequently keep an eye on is the folks down at the ML FreeForums! miraculousladybug.freeforums.n…
They're usually pretty on top of things and catch new stuff really fast before it gets taken down. They may or may not have some of the removed material from the past archived somewhere either on the site or elsewhere, so likely if you want to catch up on old releases please go check there! (pssst there's an alternative trailer in one of their more recent posts, but I'm gonna have to make you fish for it so you can check out all their sweet updating work)

And now that I have a tumblr, I now follow the 'miraculous ladybug' tag! I've found tumblr peeps seem to be really on top of it too. (They also have a few of the old videos archived there too so if you'd like to check them out)

This journal will probably not get updated as often as before, but who knows when the next burst of Ladybug goodness will come, really.

That said, Jeremy Zag HAS confirmed Ladybug for September, according to Instagram! STAY PUMPED!


February 10 2015

MORE VIDEOS AND FUN FROM ZAGTOON THEMSELVES! so don't fret, these will definitely be here to stay!!!!!!

A sweet near-minute of footage here! Seems like the original language (or at least the one they're animating with) is English? Kinda hoped it was gonna be French, honestly... bUT HEY I CANT COMPLAIN

--video removed--

Kudos to the folks at the ML FF community! Here's their new posts.
miraculousladybug.freeforums.n… <=== chECK OUT THE BABE



December 15 2014

Zagtoon posted a video of some 3D Chat footage on their vimeo, and though it's since been taken down, a French news site has a copy of it in an article!


Absolutely loving 3D Chat and oh man pausing it LOOK AT THE SUIT DETAIL //sCREAMS
Also, possible English theme song? It's pretty catchy too!

It's also worth noting the article states that we're getting 26 3D episodes and 2D webisodes from Toei! So 2D is still a go ;D

huge thanks again to the folks down at the ML Freeforums community!


August 14th 2014

Some new storyboards posted by a ML crew member!! gastonjaunetstoryboard.blogspo…
Isn't Chat's little device thing cute? IT'S GOT A FREAKING CAT PAW ON IT LSKDJF
Courtesy of the guys down at the ML Freeforums community. Thanks again!


July 17th 2014

Thanks to Ruti on tumblr!…

In short - an online French article has popped up stating that in addition to the TV show, there are also 2D webisodes slated for 2015 release.

2D. 2D. 2D!!!!!!



July 17th 2014

Hello everyone! Sorry for being a little slow with updating this, I've been away and ill and ugh--

ANYWAY most of you have probably had a chance to check out the EXTENDED licensing show trailer/Making Of ML video uploaded a couple of days ago!
Reblog here:…

As per the uploader's request, please do not re-upload the video to youtube publically.

How do you feel about the new vid? I'm just stoked we get to see a whole lot more Adrien, as well as a whole cast spread?!
Also interesting (and strange?) to note that the cut version of the vid seemed to exclude the reps from Toei and SAMG Animation altogether? Are they not playing such a big part in it anymore? So much so that we don't even get to see them?

Quick breakdown from my perspective: (watch the vid and follow along if you'd like!)

0:46 - MARINETTE AND HER AWESOME SHOPPING FRIEND WHAT A CUTIE. I'm sure they'll play up her crush on Adrien quite a lot and I'm really looking forward to that. Don't want it to overtake the whole show though.

1:17 - Love that they kept the whole transformation sequence quite close to the anime version, though I think they could've pushed the expressiveness in this sequence a little more.

1:55 - I'm gathering that here, Marinette is speaking to Tikki (her magical companion) through the earrings and sort of freaking out that kid next to her.

1:57 - I'm a little torn here... I really liked the idea that Ladybug and Chat were working together to take on Parisian villains, but here they seem to be reporting to someone? Do they have a boss figure to answer to, then? The floor graphic doesn't give much away but it's got hints of art nouveau. It's possibly the follow-up scene to the boards shown at 2:47, where Adrien accidentally knocks out a piece of the Notre Dame. Also their expressions at 2:00 match up with that theory and are ABSOLUTELY GOLD HAHA

2:17 - FINALLY, 3D CHAT/ADRIEN I AM SO HAPPY. Love the detailing on the suit (though I suspect what we see here isn't as complete as the Marinette model, it looks like it's missing some final textures) and that little bell EEEEK!!! Also, great to know we're not losing the ears at all and finally, confirmation that his eyes are in fact blue. That's been bugging me for a very long time.

2:48 - Frick I keep forgetting Australia has the most unimpressive looking schools in the world because LOOK AT THIS

3:18 - "We set up... with the idea that "this needs to be a very ambitious project" HELL YEAH

3:31 - THIS CHARACTER SPREAD. I assume this is a very early version of the Ladybug cast. Quite a few of the current main players are there, including Marinette (duh), Adrien (a more open, friendlier version?!), blonde girl, the black guy with the headphones (has since evolved into a dude clad in green and still has headphones), the jock (possibly evolved into the blue-clad Asian looking guy?), the red-haired girl (possibly evolved into Marinette's best black friend), other characters here we've yet to see. The big guy in the background (character model sheet at 4:09) is the principal at Marinette's school I think.

4:10 - Character model sheet of Tikki! What a cutiepie. Gonna miss that clover marking on her forehead though. But yay for keeping the butt-wings?

4:11 - Character model sheet of Adrien's magical companion! Can't wait to see what they do with him, look at those utterly hilarious expressive eyes ;u;

4:19 - This, IS AWESOME. It's a montage of all of Marinette's gadget powers. Love the sequences of action and how her device comes into play. Looks like her little ladybug fanny-pack trinket thing has two parts that separate and combine to give her different weapon choices.


4:30 - Is that... Hawk Moth's gang?! Who's that lady? Why is she spotted so similarly to Marinette? Why do we have a Tweedledee and Tweedledum thing going on? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE I WANNA KNOWWWW

4:32 - Marinette finds these earrings? This is gonna be one wacky ride, how Marinette discovers her powers and the like. I AM SO EXCITED

4:38 - NEXT FIVE YEARS?! When was this filmed?! Definitely after 2012, considering Astruc has all our fanart on the wall. And if we've got an estimated release for end 2014/early 2015, They're possibly working on this till 2016~2017. This is gonna be great guys. Hopefully we have more than one season ahead of us, I really need more of Ladybug if even the guys working on it say it's gonna be amazing.

4:53 - THIS! MY BABIES HANGING OUT ON A ROOFTOP SOMEWHERE! Some people are arguing that it's not Adrien, but based on the character spread from 3:31 I think it is? The dress style for both of them is very similar to the style they sport now, so who's to say it's not him? I'd like to think it's him anyway. Look at the expression on Marinette's face. I'm sure it's Adrien!


4:56 - Oh, seems like Marinette's best friend had a version from the main spread after all. Maybe we'll see redhead glasses chick anyway? Also, who's that little blonde girl? It might just have been a case of "whatever art we had at the time" but why is she isolated to be on a piece featuring Marinette and her best friend?

4:58 - THIS IS GOLD. I hope the overall body animation is as expressive as this, the previews have so far let me down a little. But the facial expressions oh my gosh they are AWESOME


5:24 - "coming soon" YOU SAID THAT TWO YEARS AGO



June 5th 2014

If you wanna reblog, here you go!…

It's for a business con of some kind. Alternatively you can watch it here:



Someone over at FreeForums pointed out that Thomas Astruc has all our fanart posted on his wall! I AM SERIOUSLY STOKED GUYS. LET'S SHOWER THEM WITH MORE LOVE! (AND FANART, DUH!)

Also really digging the animation tests with Marinette at the moment! Loving her little magical device and her expressions! Hopefully the rest of the animation will be that expressive and bouncy, so it's pretty close to anime in that sense of exaggeration. Love that they're still aiming for that toony sort of expressiveness we got to see on those model sheets of Marinette and Adrien~

My only concern for the moment is that the final version of Chat won't have cat ears? I think it'd be pretty silly/sad for Zagtoon to go without them considering he's had ears all the way as seen in the vid (all the animatics + model sheets with ears though! WHAT A CUTIE). However, the first image of Chat when they introduce him in the video as well as the final shot of Marinette and Adrien in front of the moon lack ears! The final image also looks like it's a CG production screengrab of some kind, or at least it's the closest we've ever gotten to see Chat as a 3D model. I suspect these two images of Chat Noir are the most recent.
It's just that Chat's ears have been so iconic for ML as a whole so far and taking that away would be as bad as taking away his tail ;u;

Hopefully not, actually! I've discovered that the first image of Chat is less recent than I first thought, and the uncropped version actually has two black tufts of hair (?) that serve as his cat ears. His regular ears are obviously visible thouhg.

To be honest though I'm just so happy to see more Adrien/Chat Noir content. There's just so much on Marinette that I just kinda wish they gave our lead male some of the promo action too XD

Anyway. GET PUMPED GUYS! Hopefully we'll get more teasers or business convention promos for ML like this one as time goes on!


May 26th 2014

New updates, not exactly that great (but also kinda great?)
Again, this is from the Miraculous Ladybug community over at…
They've got several other links on their post page.
In short, Ladybug is now slated for the 'second quarter of 2015', so that's around April~July next year. While I'm not surprised that we have to wait even longer for it to air, I'm still pretty sad we have to add another chunk of time to our wait.

Users on FF think that a trailer or pilot should be released in the months prior, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news!
(also, feel free to tell me of news you want to share here, or new things you find! I'm not looking for updates constantly at the moment)

In the meantime you should try to convert your friends to the fandom and make them suffer with you muahahahaha

Also, I'm keen to organise an art countdown closer to the release date! I don't think we have enough fans to do a 100 day countdown, but thoughts on a however-many-fans-we-can-find-on-deviantART countdown?


 Mar 23rd 2014

Two new teaser images from PGS Entertainment's Ladybug page!… (scroll down)
The CGI is looking pretty sweet LOOK AT THE DETAILING ON MARINETTE'S EARRINGS kinda wish they'd show some Adrien already sigh
Also listed to the side are international broadcasters! I'll be watching it when it first comes out in French but heck support the show too, when it arrives in your country!

The title of the page also implies that the show will be simply titled Ladybug from now on, but I'm gonna keep it as Miraculous Ladybug for nostalgia's sake ;u;


Repeating what a user said on the ML FreeForums: Links and images relating to Ladybug concept art and behind-the-scenes business have all since been removed from the blogs and sites of the people who posted them in the first place (the ones posted on FreeForums are still there though, so dont be afraid to click the links from the last update). This might be a trend, so if you do find anything new, keep it to yourself for now, unless it's something super public like a news article or something similar.

I'm half-surprised that Zagtoon's being all secretive with Ladybug right now despite it being released later this year (fingers crossed!). Till September, I doubt there'll be anything new to report. So just hang tight, everyone! For the moment we've definitely got solid information sources from lots of different places saying the same thing. Hopefully nearer to the date I will be able to share more in-depth trailers for the TV series itself, if those will exist!

Also, word is that Zagtoon have already established a toy deal with Bandai so yay, Marinette and Adrien related stuff? News keeps telling me ML will be a really huge thing in the near future :)


OK, WORD IS: ML is definitely going to be in CGI, no more 2D. The original PV was Toei's attempt to make an anime, but apparently it was less favoured over the CGI proposal because 2D isn't a trend outside Japan. I don't know about you, but I think that's a load of bull. BUT REGARDLESS. The CGI looks absolutely precious right now. No previews or indications as to what CGI Adrien looks like yet, but in time my friends, in time.

Also, we have MORE MATERIAL!!!

Source: miraculousladybug.freeforums.n…
There's more screenshots of these up on the forum I stumbled upon today. It's a list of teaser vids up on PGS Entertainment's Vimeo page, (which were not viewable to begin with I believe) and have since been removed?!

Source: miraculousladybug.freeforums.n…
Also from the same forums. Some nifty stuff there, which also gives us a little insight to Marinette and her family. There's certainly a retro China sort of feel to her room already with all that retro decor and such. Also note she's got a sewing machine and a ladder to the roof in her room!
And there's shots of the boulangerie (translates to deli, but it doesn't really seem much more than a bakery) which the OP noted that Marinette's family owned. So she's got a bakery under her room wow
It's got shots of her school and the fountain we saw in the anime PV. And a place called the hotel.

Also perhaps you could signal boost this around tumblr and maybe we might get more sneak peeks from this guy hehe:…
No, don't look at Marinette. Look at the boards around her. To the left is Chat being all suave and being rejected, on the right is possible Chat getting all wide-eyed seeing Marinette for the first time
Adrien you're too cute stop it I havent even seen you animated yet gosh

There's also some storyboard/animatic vines from the same guy: Snippet of a fight between Ladybug and Chat. He's fighting with a pole here, so he might be more of a Nightwing character than a full on punches and kicks character. Looks darn awesome just for an animatic so no worries guys bad action will be the least of your concerns uvu On another note Chat looks rather happy and Ladybug doesn't. Wonder what's the story there... Marinette tripping over and dropping Tikki out of her bag or something. I might presume that woman is her teacher? It looks like she's leaving the school entrance. Perhaps the scene that directly follows? Featuring Marinette's friend who at this point seems like a rather rich girl. Also confirms a minor detail about the show - that Kwami are visible to regular people, noted by Tikki pretending to be a doll followed up by Marinette's friend actually being able to pick it up. Also check out the model sheets on the wall!



Thought I ought to change the name of this journal since people actually seem to track it for ML news and it's (hopefully) no longer a debate about what media we'll get to see Ladybug in--

Above is Zagtoon's showreel. If you're not familiar with showreels, it's sort of a showcase of what a company does - in this case, animations from Zagtoon.
Amongst the snippets are clips from Miraculous Ladybug, in both 2D and 3D! There's a few seconds of unique 3D footage (ie so far it's not been in any other vids) so ahh get excited everyone slkfjsd
though I did come across this,… which does state that ML will be a 3D CGI series (as of when the article was written, Dec 2012). However since both 2D and 3D appeared in the showreel hopefully we'll get it in both formats. Also note that Kobushi (the sushis) was also shown in 2D and 3D so it may be likely that we were going to get both from the beginning.

ALSO! You will be pleased to know that Zagtoon has revamped their website once again and IT'S WORKING. <== GET TO IT!!!
It's got a bigger blurb about Ladybug now, closer to the ones I found in magazine snippets. It's also got a ton of info about some of their other shows, so check them out! (personally I'm waiting for 7Cs as well since it's with Man of Action ie the guys behind Generator Rex and Ben10 ack)

I've been reading around and it seems I'm quite out of date with ML news! There's been heaps of stuff going around since October 2013 and it's been amazing news so far:… <== Ladybug was the most popular toon screened at a conference called MIP Junior in October so GOOD NEWS GUYS
Word is that heaps of people have been blown away by Ladybug and it's already been sold to hundreds of distributors, so heads up guys, ML will be here sooner than you think (hopefully!)!!!
And you know what? I don't think I care about whether it'll be 3D or 2D anymore. If people are coming to get it, I'm sure it's gonna be AMAZING. KEEP THE EXCITEMENT UP EVERYONE

Sooo just gonna casually throw these here
French TV catalogue with their show page on ML:…
This one says it's supposed to be here by early 2015, but who knows. We might get it earlier!…

And follow the ML tumblr too! They'll probably keep you tumblr kids more up to date than I will miraculeusecoccinelle.tumblr.c…

I also did read somewhere else that a live action spin-of series is currently in production with Zagtoon's non-animation team or something so we also have that to look forward to ;7;



To anyone who still tracks this journal, big (ish?) update!

Some people have already pointed out to me that the recent CG content released is probably related to the prequel film only. The series will be an anime!

I did more reading myself, and basically what I got were articles from 2012 talking about Zagtoon's new 3D animated film department and a $50m budget film called "Ladybug" that would have a TV series launched after its release. I also found other places talking about Toei bringing its bright manga style to a currently in production series of 26 episodes (as of 2012 when the article was written) with a budget of $11.4m. So take heart guys, the movie and series seem to be talked about quite separately.

In short - Miraculous Ladybug WILL exist as a CGI production and as a 2D anime. Just as Zagtoon has said from the very beginning, we will get a CG prequel movie and an anime TV series.

Expected dates for the anime from a French animation news site said September 2014. So hang tight guys, we're almost there!!! ;u;


I am so freaking angry right now

Zagtoon could not make up their freaking mind until now about Ladybug and amg //doesn't help that you no longer update your website nor does it function properly

Word is that numerous magazine scans of Ladybug now describe it as a full 3D CGI TV series queued for only 26 episodes. I'm not sure whether I'm sad that we're going to be missing out on 2D all over again or for the fact that we had a huge episodes cut //sobbing foreverrrr

I mean, I've waited a good year for this, only to have to wait another year and now I don't have a really huge ability to envision what the show will be like.
The CGI actually looks really good amg but what a loss in dynamic potential for fight scenes sob

Don't get me wrong, I'm still pretty keen on the series but I'm just disappointed that we will never get to see ML in the form that hyped everyone up - the original 2D animesque PV.
PLEASE LET THE CGI BE OF REALLY GOOD QUALITY PLEASEEEEE and I know it's aimed at kids but I don't want another crappy hero cartoon like what I hear about Beware the Batman and the new Spiderman one oh no

I'm just hoping that the movie won't be delayed and that the series will actually have good animation + execution. I don't want to see another Last Airbender Movie disaster where the concept was amazing but the execution was utterly terrible and unfaithful to the idea.

I'm pretty happy the CGI so far seems to keep the bouncy roundness of the concept art and yay for potentially a better looking Adrien in CGI amg can't wait for him tbh

Another upside is that we FINALLY HAVE A PLOT AMG LDSKJF
"Ladybug, the girl superhero, is helped by Chat Noir in her mission to capture the Akumas, evil creatures led by ButterFly, and save Paris."

The plot actually got me rather interested. So does that mean that Pigeon Man and Mime Guy actually used to be everyday people who were just transformed into supervillains? I quite like how they're leaning towards the 'hero' side of 'magical hero', so it's sounding much less like a magical girl gig now. //and personally I think I'm still calling the old guy Monarch or Papillion because ButterFly sounds lame as

And these Akuma - which I think is utterly hilarious considering it means 'devil' in Japanese, and the only akuma I can think of are those hideous creatures from D.Gray-Man - go around infecting people? I'm assuming that Pigeon Man and Mime Guy are going to be recurring villains though... I was always confused with ML about whether they'd be fighting real people or a supernatural force. Guess it's a bit of both now.
This whole plot reminds me of an episode from Batman: The Animated Series, when The Joker decides to make life hard(er) for Batman by making a sort of gas that disillusioned people into becoming petty supervillains - eg Pack Rat who went around assaulting people and stealing belongings that weren't worth anything, Condiment King who went around shooting mustard at people who didn't respect common food sauces - while it was a gag sort of episode I want some seriousness to Ladybug.

And does that mean we still get the little cute magical companions? The trailer nor website (nor anywhere anymore) show them anymore! I really want them. They were pretty awesome and to get rid of them would really suck. I'm also wondering if Marinette and Adrien were both affected by Akuma themselves, but for some reason or another they got lucky (pun intended) and became superheroes instead, or whether their powers were caused by another party altogether.
I hope the conditions on their powers + their two-way one-way crushes are still going to be explored. The dynamics between Marinette and Adrien really got me hooked on the idea of this show.

For now this will be the closest and most accurate description of the series so hopefully no more drastic changes ;u; How do you feel about these new bits of info?


I was browsing TV Tropes today and I noticed someone listed Anime!ML under the What Could Have Been - Western Animation page!




Ok apparently Zagtoon made an error on their website LMAO They neglected to put "2D &" on that part of the site.

Turns out Miraculous Ladybug IS going to be a 2D anime (YAY!). The "& CGI" part on the website doesn't mean there's going to be a CGI series alongside it like some people have speculated:

The "CGI" is just to cover aspects in the show USING CGI, including Pigeon Man's birds and possibly Monarch's airship.

To be honest I wouldn't even say there's CGI in there if it's just that haha

Personally, when the speculation of a CGI series came out, I was also crushed not mainly because I wanted an anime, but because the trailer is definitely made up of clips of episodes in production. I was just a bit shaken that for them to make this show do well, they had to scrap all their 2D work and go with 3D CGI since it seems to be the 'in' thing now, or maybe they had to cut budgets. Whatever it was, the idea of them having to throw away everything they'd done so far and losing the beautiful things only 2D can achieve because of funding and/or audience popularity really upset me. I am SUPER happy it's back to an anime.

Watching the PV again, I can think of so many things we'd miss out on with the CGI version. In 2D I believe it's easier to get away with exaggeration in acting. In 3D I doubt Marinette's expressions would hold the same cuteness with her ahoge and ponytails. In fact we'd already be missing out on her ahoge and long Ladybug hair ribbons! I'm not too sure about Marinette's pear figure, but the CGI pictures so far didn't really showcase that as much as the anime did.

And while I will miss the prospect of CGI!ML (since the website still says our film will be live-action sob) and CGI!Felix (I still prefer that version over the anime one) I'm back to square one, waiting excitedly for August to roll around!


Ummm ok so someone on the FB fan page noticed there was a major update to Zagtoon's homepage:
And frick ML is now not an anime, but a full CGI show?!
And we're getting a live-action movie instead?!
also why the heck am i able to see her bra-line in that shot anyway isn't this for kids
Truth be told I'm... particularly crushed but excited at the same time.
I was really looking forward to an anime (or at least a 2D show) and I've just not been very convinced that CGI TV shows can be good. I find 2D to leave more of a fascinating impact than 3D.
though to be fair i can say i've only watched average kiddy cgi shows, and HTTYD: Riders of Berk
While I also loved the CGI style concept art, the only improvement I felt the CGI did was to Felix's overall design. Marinette didn't look as sweet, she looked a little pudgy and uptight. And now, CGI ML is what we're getting which means pudgy Marinette. And I better hope our CGI pigeons will be much better than the ones in the anime promo. If they did a 2D show with the CGI style I actually would be more comfortable with that.
I am NOT keen on the movie. Zagtoon has got to be amazing with it or else I'm just going to flip tables.
I'm a bit hesitant to take it up now (as stupid as that sounds), because personally what drew me to this was the action and the 2D hybrid style. Knowing full well that I'm no longer expecting an anime kinda makes me think how they're going to pull this one off. They are going to have to really convince me that 3D was the right route to pick.
I'm excited though, since the website says they have 52 episodes in the works. 52! Young Justice didn't even get that many and look what freaking CN did to that poor show (RIP YJ).
And I'm thinking that Zagtoon isn't going to mess this one up (or at least they can't afford to) seeing as Marinette seems to be the postergirl on their website.
Thoughts? If any of you actually care about my ramblings haha
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TeaTales Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Kishiii There was the best Chat Noir at the convention I was at this weekend. She had the costume down to the tiniest details, ( yup also pattern in fabric wise )  Gonna show you next time I catch you on skype... Also thanks a lot for this journal, it has been a true blessing for us fellow fans <33
144midnightrose Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016
I'm glad there making a ova... it's not if I Don't like the 3rd version I just hope it will have darker anime vibe to it
kishi-san Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016   Filmographer
I'm excited about the OVA! I am very curious as to what tone they'll take, yeah... it's possible the dark tone will be back bc the audience in Japan is different.
Obi-quiet Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016
Gah! I keep looking for information on episode 24, the last one they have yet to air, and there's NOTHING! Do you have any info?
kishi-san Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016   Filmographer
I don't believe it's aired yet!

at the moment France and Quebec have slightly different airing schedules.
France is currently behind by one or two episodes, and I don't know the Quebec airing schedule beyond Numeric, Jackady and the origin episodes. France will be airing Numeric this weekend, I think.

At the moment it will be between France and Quebec to air it, I'm not sure what's happening with the Korean releases.
it's currently on break in North America though.
Heta-Nutella Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Student General Artist
We're actually on episode 20 this Sunday ^u^ Just a little correction!

Also, may I post the newest part of this on Tumblr? Or if you have, can you link it so I can repost? Thank you! This is very useful!
kishi-san Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016   Filmographer
Ah alright! I'll go correct it as soon as I can.

if you like, you may repost (and link back)! There's been posts made of Astruc's twitter posts on tumblr already, as far as I'm concerned. I copy paste news as I see it, that's how this journal works.
Heta-Nutella Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016  Student General Artist
Okay! ^_^

Ah, yes, I've seen other posts already. Alright, I wasn't sure ^^ But cool! Thank you! :3
Dreamer372 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Student General Artist
Bl00dyR0s3-666 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you happen to know who sings the French version of the theme song???
I've figured out who sings the Korean & English versions, but I can't find ANYTHING that mentions who sings the French version!!
kishi-san Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016   Filmographer
No I do not, sorry!
My first guess would be the voice actors for the babes, but if not... I can't help you out there.
Bl00dyR0s3-666 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmmm, okay. Thanks anyway!
Heta-Nutella Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015  Student General Artist
Heta-Nutella Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Student General Artist
kishi-san Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015   Filmographer
:iconwatergasmplz: ME TOO
SqueakyCleanHaru Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually found the anime version way too full of cliches. Marinette looked too derpy and I find her 3D ''pudgy'' counterpart more fitting to her character.
kishi-san Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015   Filmographer
I have to say, the concept has definitely changed and evolved since the anime trailer, so if and when they get to it, it will be something entirely new and different, I feel.
I do miss her pear shaped figure from the original PV though, I feel the 3D doesn't capture it as strongly -- though that's partly due to Alya's figure in the current one, she's been given the pear body instead of Marinette.
Accibie Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
I don´t know.. but I totally preffer Adrien than Felix. There are some things I don´t like from the 2D series, everything looks really weird in my opinion. If there is really going to be an anime someday, I would like it to be more like the CGI. The characters, designs and scenes look better on it. And yeah, of curse the CGI is a LOT more childish than an anime would be. But the CGI show seems like 90% better than the anime promo. Though, this is an amazing show and I will also wait for both series to come to my country, or at least to be subbed ;)
kishi-san Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015   Filmographer
I personally would have to say I like Adrien better as well, but probably because I know more about him. Felix is still a ball of speculations and interpretations.

The 2D and 3D for me are two completely different beasts, and I don't find it right to compare them at all. Both are drastically different mediums with different limitations and the like, but hey, whichever you prefer!
Now that the CG's come out I agree that the anime could do with a bit more design development and tweaks, but who knows what we will get to see if the anime gets the green light. It's possible it looked the way it did because it would have been marketed mostly in Asia? Aesthetics and design appeal differs quite a bit between the east and the west. Though that said, if they were to make the anime now, things would definitely be worked on, and things would have to be changed because of how anime and Ladybug's audience have grown since 2012 (trailer's first release).
With the limitations of 2D though, it'll definitely be a 'step down' from the 3D in terms of detail complexity and such, though I guess other things would be focused on (I personally would be gunning for some sick anime fight scenes).

Glad to know you're enjoying it though! Keep supporting Ladybug when it gets to your country.
Accibie Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015
Well, you are right. Everything about Felix isn´t exactly true, just interpretations, like you said.
I can agree to that, we gonna have to wait to see how an anime is going to be (or would be) to make a full opinion of both series.
And yes, there are totally different studios working for this proyect, so the styles will obviously be different.. But still think that Toei´s art style wasn´t the best there. The backgrounds and such didn´t looked so bad, but Felix´s and Marinette´s designs..

Yeah, you too! It was nice to talk with you, hope we talk like this later on xD
Cosmeows Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
i only saw this whole thing today and i am in love

cant wait for it to air in america next year mmmMMM <3 
kishi-san Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015   Filmographer
yay!!!! welcome to the fandom ;)
it's airing on nick from dec 6th i believe!
nekophy Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg is there any place I can watch this series both the cgi n anime vers online? ;v;
kishi-san Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015   Filmographer
there isnt an anime version at current, there are links scattered around tumblr for the CGI versions!
miraculousladybugepisodes.tumb… and are good places to start uvub
SkittyKittyCat Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015  Student General Artist
Ahhh I love the series so far! ;;U;;
I hope we get to see the 2d version one day though//cries
kishi-san Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015   Filmographer
haha I'm very fond of the 3D version now, but there will be some things I'd love to see in the anime so fingers crossed!!
SkittyKittyCat Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015  Student General Artist
//crosses my fingers//
I'm so excited for tomorrow's episode amg *v*
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
a DATE for French fans!!! *^*

Monday October, 19th at 10:20 *^*

*realize* OMG they're stupid!! I have a class >w< Oh no! *go to die somewhere*
kishi-san Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015   Filmographer
thank you! I did hear about that.
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist…

EPISODE 3 with subtitles is realeased *^*
kishi-san Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015   Filmographer
thanks! though I won't be posting links on this journal ;u;
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I totally understand it's better to follow Ladybug once it'll be released. You're wright! x) *too curious*

Ah You should (if you don't already do it of course xD) follow the twitter of Thomas astruc:, he answers of all kind of question! 
=>… (this one is a good new!)

Oh news about some characters! miraculeusecoccinelle.tumblr.c…
The TF1's web-serie will about some secrets and few details on the show, not a new adventure.
But they still want to make a movie if everything goes wright *^*
kishi-san Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015   Filmographer
ahh no no, just that it'll be hard for me to keep up with links that keep working and all...
i myself am watching it as it comes out in korea, but i will still be watching it when it's out where i am!

mm yes i've heard much about his tweets, thank you!
and that too! interesting stuff uvu

yes i've seen that before! thank you all the same.
ooh do they, that's gonna be fun to look forward to!
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh. xD I totally understand too XDDD

I knew it but... I was'nt sure x)
Yep, I ask what they're going to do with Félix x)

Ah someone translate it? 
Me too! But it's not for now xDD I'm looking for the one which will explain how they became super hero! *^* (and the episode of 44")

(You're really nice >w<)
kishi-san Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015   Filmographer

ahh cool, should be fun to look forward to! i think astruc was keen to bring him back in a way.

aww thank you ;u;
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep I hope too >w<

Nyugu Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015
Like I can see that Cat's everything (? just kidding
omg Is it out already?
kishi-san Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015   Filmographer
Yes it is! Episodes and torrents have been released around the web, I'm mostly getting them from tumblr.
Nyugu Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015
omgggg I NEED to watch it 
And see that kitty cat Thomas the Tank Engine Chat Icon 
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello!! If you still update, I know there is the first episode korean with english sub on youtube!!!!!

Ps: I think it´s a pilot one because it hasn't a real start with all the explication xD

And french date is for october and us one on nick is 6th of december at 12:00.…
kishi-san Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015   Filmographer
Hi I still do! And thank you I'm well aware!

and thank you! i havent heard any news for the french date? its not outlined in that link or did i miss something?
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Yes, I'm french so I heard some news but I don't remember where XD 
But I see it again here:…

Oh and I see something more!!
"Pour cette rentrée 2015/2016, TF1 expérimente de nouveaux dispositifs digitaux avec, par exemple, une chasse aux trésors interactive pour «Oum le dauphin blanc» et une web série avec 10 épisodes inédits de «Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et chat noir», ainsi que des jeux."…

I will be short: TF1 wants to make a web serie of 10 originals episodes of Ladybug! (and games). (July 7th 2015) But I am not sure that it was accurate. 

and old news: "La série de 26 épisodes de 26 minutes a un budget de 8 millions d'euros. Elle est développée pour TF1 et sera accompagnée d'un spin-off sous forme de film live produit par Zag Animation Studios." (September 9th, 2012)…

The serie will have 26 episodes of 26 min. There will have a movie spin-off "a live movie". Ooooh I was so sad! I wanted a movie Q^Q
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope too beacause it'll be really weird if it's wrong.

It seems... But I still wait to be sure because it's not aired in France now x)

Yeah!! It's so sad >w<"

Oh I found the episode 1 & 2 of Ladybug with eng sub! =>… (and it works!!!!)
kishi-san Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015   Filmographer
ah ok! word seems to be that it'll premiere in France soon, i think so you're not wrong!

the webseries might happen? at the moment no one knows for sure. But in the meantime pparently if the current show goes well, they'll give Toei rights to make an anime OVO

oh yeah they did mention a movie way back when haha
Kiniroki Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like it's been taken down from youtube, I can't seem to find it ; - ;
Rushire Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah that's sad!!! >w< I hope you can see it soon or later!
StardustTrooper Featured By Owner Edited Sep 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
It's happening, it's happening!!! :la:
kishi-san Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015   Filmographer
StardustTrooper Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I heard that they were doing a cartoon series called Ghost Patrol, I think. 
I can't wait to see how Ladybug and Chat Noir will be a combat couple in battle. :D
Bifauxnen Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
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